The White Tux

Without much comment from me (we shall see about that), prom pictures!

First of all, I will comment. Paul told us where pictures were going to be but only the name of the place. It turns out it was a church connected to an old folks home. And we didn't have permission (I overheard one of the moms complaining to one of the workers about it--she said permission was given, but the worker said it was not given). There were so many kids there, though that it would have taken a riot squad to herd all the prom goers and parents out of the place. Paul's group wasn't the only group there. There must have been at least 75 couples and all of their parents and lots of the grandparents. The church space was huge, like convention center huge.

Paul and Taylor

Looking suave

Paul's group

The White Tuxes
Paul and some girls being silly
Waiting for their names to be read off in the Grand March at the school

Paul and Taylor are the blurry couple
on the party bus, which was a converted school bus. It has a karaoke machine on it. I'd give all the money I have to see Paul do karaoke in front of his friends.

Hopefully the group made it to the dance ok. As I was getting off the party bus after taking the above picture, the bus driver was asking some of the other parents how to get to the hotel where the dance was. He was trying to enter it into his GPS system and wasn't having any luck. There was no listing for this particular hotel. All the parents knew where the hotel was but none of us could remember the exact street it was on. They all kept saying, "It's by the Radisson" "It's right by DoubleTree." "It's right by such and such restaurant."  As a party bus driver, aren't you supposed to know these things? And if you have driven on 494 ever, you would know where Hotel Sofitel is.

After pictures, Jim and I went out to dinner. No one else was home. That is increasingly the state of my home these days.


Jenni said…
First I have to say that I haven't lived in MN for 25 years and I KNOW WHERE L'HOTEL SOFITEL IS!!!

He looks smashing! What a beautiful group!. It is always so colorful at prom. And I love orange. Glad you had a good time and I would have loved to see a picture of the party bus!
Dennis said…
As a bus driver the first thing you do (well 2nd) is to find out where your destination is BEFORE you pick up your clients.
The white tux's look really cool and Paul & Taylor look smashing. Where did he find white shoes?
Jen said…
Paul looks so handsome! He seems to have turned into quite the ladies man. Who knew? Glad you were able to get pictures of Paul even though he tried to conveniently not mention prom to you. And WOWZERS, that is some prom group.
Jen said…
P.S. yay! You got rid of the awful, new word verification. Wish some other unmentioned people would follow suit. Ahem...