What I know of EJ

Not much!

Today was supposed to be his P day, but with yesterday's trip to Boise for his visa, I bet the powers that be didn't let him have today off from studying Spanish and the gospel. Which is a total bummer because last week his P day was spent at the dr office and he only got like three seconds to send an email that day. And next week HE'S LEAVING for Tijuana!

We were alerted to the Boise trip late Friday night, when I got a way-too-short email from him saying "So i am flying to boise on monday morning. to sign for my visa at a mexican consolete. Idk if that means i actaully have my visa or not but could you or dad make sure that i have like 200 in my bank card? i know i have had to use it a few times"

So that's what we know. We are assuming the trip to Boise means he for sure got his visa because that's what Jim says happens when missionaries get their visas--they travel to a consulate and sign their visa paperwork in person.

I have to giggle over EJ's spelling of consulate. 


Marta said…
did you get a screen shot of him singing with the choir?
Jen said…
That's a bummer for jimmy if he misses 2 P days in a row. He'll get some while active though, right? We are excited for the official send off to TJ. Best of luck to him!
Jen said…
Good for him, it must be fun for him to be doing all of this stuff and getting ready to actually go to TJ. His enthusiasm prior to leaving tells me that he will do very well out there despite being declined the maximum recreation of P days.