A post about track and I will try not to complain about not being able to go

I had several very solid reasons to go to another track meet last night:
1. Paul was running in it, of course
2. He ate pizza the night before and he is sure that whenever he eats pizza the night before a meet, he does well.
3. The weather promised to be nice to me, unlike the previous meets where I was confined to the inside of a fleece-lined waterproof jacket.
4. The meet was at the high school I attended lo, those many years ago.
5. Mom promised sandwiches

Unfortunately, I also had solid reasons to be somewhere else:
1. Matt had a band concert
2. Sadly NOT at my high school alma mater
3. It was the last jazz band and regular band concert of the year
4. I had no one else to drive him there
5. and he had trombone lessons before the concert.

So Jim and my mom went. Lucky them!  (I will not complain)

Paul ran very well.
Here he is at the start of the 1600 m race
 Paul loves the blue track at Minnetonka.

He was in first place for most of the race, but the Tonka guy behind him caught up in the 4th lap
 Paul came in second with his fastest mile time ever: 4 minutes 38 seconds.  He had to have a bit of a lie down after the race because he pushed himself harder than he has before.

Then two hours later, he had to run again, and twice as long.

fourth place finish
He finished with his fastest 3200m time ever as well:  10:23. He "consoled" himself with the fact that the guys who finished before him were fresh--it was their first race of the day, while he had pushed himself near to his limit just a few hours before.

I'd post pictures of the band concert, but Jim had my camera at the track meet. Matt and the rest of the jazz band/regular band did well, but Matt didn't dance as much as he had in previous concerts. Maybe next year.


Jenni said…
Those are great pictures. I'm sad you couldn't go. And "wow" on his amazing times.