Ignoring the lemon bars

"How can you ignore lemon bars?" I just know you are saying after reading my post title.

Yes, how can I? How can I ignore the sunny yellow and smooth lemony tarty sweet flavor?

Mostly because I haven't baked them yet, silly. I can ignore them good and proper if they aren't there. (I really should be baking)

But I wanted to share something with you. Something so mind-bogglingly, incomprehensively, earth-shatteringly strange that my brain is almost melting just thinking of it.

Click on the image to view it larger. (address crossed out because I felt like scribbling over it in blue). Is this his official graduation party announcement? I don't know. I haven't asked Paul what he thinks of it yet. But that is the date and time for sure because he's already posted it on facebook and INVITED 800 OF HIS CLOSEST FRIENDS. He has no sense of proportion.

PS: I photoshopped two objects out of the picture. I'm pretty pleased with myself for making at least one of the photoshopped elements nearly undetectable. The other one is pretty obvious. Knock
yourself out looking for them.

PPS OK, I am pretty sure this is not the final announcement on account of because* I am pretty sure I misspelled Paul's middle name. It should be spelled "Doug." (heehee, no it shouldn't).  GEEZ, I'm the one who came up with his dang middle name, and I can't even remember how to spell it? This is like the nearly 12 month period when I thought Matt's birthday was the 15th of Oct, not the 14th.

PPSS Nevermind. I spelled it right. Pretty sure. 

*"on account of because"   I like that phrase. Where did we get that? Jenni, I'm asking you.


Jenni said…
Lemon bars....are my favorite....ever....

I really like Paul's announcement. Very clever of you!! And I can't tell where you shopped for photos on it at all. I'm excited that I can come to his party, along with 799 of his closest pals. Would you like me to bring anything? To feed...500...at least?
You and Mom are going to make potato salad. A lot of it.

I'm glad you're coming too.

And you never did answer my question about where we got "on account of because."
Jenni said…
It is from "Leave it to Beaver". Wally and The Beave said it regularly.