The number of people I knew before they published fiction novels has now been officially bumped up to 2.  (And the number of officially published fiction writers who have posted a comment on my blog is now 1)

Anyone who has talked to me about books in the last few years knows my story about one writer (actually the link won't give you the story behind my personal knowledge, it will just tell you who it is), but several months ago, I discovered a link to a lesser known, but still very published, author.

The story goes like this:

Jim and I were on one of my favorite kind of dates: roaming Barnes and Noble. Jim doesn't usually come away with anything, but I usually do--mostly longing for a lot more of the books than I had the guts to say I wanted. Anyway, I was in the sci fi section (one of my favorite sections) when I spotted a name I recognized: Stephen Kent. (There was a middle initial too)

"Hey Jim," I said, "remember Steve Kent?"  (I knew he remembered Steve Kent, so it wasn't actually a memory check so much as it was a command given without the demand)  Steve Kent was a friend of ours from the 2 years we lived in Portland OR. We'd had dinner at his house a couple of times and Steve had asked me to read a non-published book he had written about vampires, which I did. Then we moved to Minnesota and we lost contact.

Jim said, "yeah" and I showed him the book: The Clone Republic.

We wondered if it was the same guy. Just in case, I bought the book (and read it).

After some internet research, which led to finding a picture, our hunch was confirmed.

Recently, Mike (employer and brother, not in that order) mentioned that he'd take book suggestions and that mostly he liked sci fi, preferably futuristic and off-world, and he also liked distopian scenarios. I suggested the Clone series (there are more books than just The Clone Republic).  I've had a report back from Mike, saying that he's enjoying the series.

And yesterday, I decided to post a comment on Stephen L Kent's blog. And he posted one on mine!

I'm cool! (and no, this isn't an April Fool gag)


Jenni said…
SO FAMOUS!!! That is fun. Hey, if you have a book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, you are pretty good!!
Jen said…
I must have you sign my shirt the next time I see you, and I'll never wash my hand again after touching you because you are so famous now:) How cool is it though that you knew these people before they became published?!? When I saw the Clone Republic title it sounded familiar, and then I realized that those are the books Mike has been reading lately (even rudely during our Psych episode). Good luck to Steven Kent!

P.S. Are you reading the Clone series?
Mike said…
Tell Steve I love his books!!!
Steven L. Kent said…
How did you know Stephanie Meyer? That's what I want to know. Also, how can I get back in touch with you. I'd love to catch up and hear what happened after you left Portland.
Stephen L: My email is sara k evans 12 at gmail dot com (just remove all the spaces an insert appropriate punctuation as needed) and Jim's is evans jim 1980 @ gmail dot com (same instructions as for my email). And do tell us what you've been doing since we moved--obviously we know you've published, including The Ultimate History of Video Games.

And the story of how I knew Stephenie Meyers before she was published is a very short and not very exciting story.

For several years before she was famous, we were both members of a very small message board for people who liked a certain former columnist for the Provo Daily Herald. She knew me as "genadfemale" and I knew her as her board name, which I won't divulge. I remember her announcement that she was going to be published. She was VERY excited. I can't imagine that she could have foreseen the public reaction to her book.

Anyway, when I went to see her at The Host signing, I leaned over to her as she was signing and told her that I was "GAF" as I was known on the message board, she jumped up and gave me a hug. When her handler asked her what she was doing, she said, "I knew her before all of this from a message board."

And there you have it. Yes, I knew her before she published, but not very personally. My husband hasn't gone shopping with her or anything like Jim has with you (do you even remember that? You guys went shopping for mother's days gifts)
Steve: I forgot to add that I'm supposed to tell you that my brother loves your books. :)
Steven L. Kent said…
Please tell your brother, "Thank you." I'm glad he's enjoyed them.