December is coming up to the plate

Who is letting December in the game so early this year? Seriously, December, you're arriving this Wednesday! Couldn't you wait until Monday of next week? I still have turkey leftovers in my fridge! Stupid calendar--it's flipping pages on me.

I think for a blog post today, I'll post a picture of Katie. She made vegetarian chili for us last Friday. Normally I don't like meals that rely so heavily on tomatoes, but this wasn't that bad. In fact it was pretty good! My daughter has turned into a cook! She asked the boys and Hayley how they liked it, and all answered positively, but then added, "But it would be better with meat in it." I had to physically restrain my own hands so they didn't go around thumping snarky kids on their heads. Anyway, I appreciated the meal she cooked for us.

Kate is now back in UT, after an early flight on Sunday. Jim, Other Jim, and I will see her in just over a month when we deliver OJ to college. Kate already has plans to take a few days off to come up. She's going to stay with friends she has up in Rexburg.

Everyone, wave to Katie.


Jenni said…
Hi Katie! Good to see you. Looks like you know your way around a kitchen! I'm up for some chili.
Jen said…
Way to go, Katie. A skill like is not left unforeseen. I love chili (especially with MORE tomatoes) and usually just dig out the beans and MORE tomatoes, so I guess I could enjoy veggie chili.

Cute picture of Katie:)
Jen said…
P.S. I love the new blog background. I'm so into doodles right now, and I've always loved little stick figure birdies. So cute.