PSA: Elect some people!

Got that out of the way.

I'm supposed to be exercising, but I couldn't sit another minute on the bike. So I'm taking a wee break.

10 Things to occupy the worry center of my brain now that Halloween is over:

1. Exercise. Too many Snickers.
2. 4th time in six months (rough estimate) that a blood vessel has popped in my big toe. My toe seems to be falling apart.
3. Engagement ring lost a piece that holds the diamond in place, and for fear of losing the diamond, I have taken it off. (Envision me with a sad face--see that picture of me in the upper right corner? The one with the deranged grin and feral eyes? Well, turn that deranged grin upside down in your mind. That's what I look like when I remember that I can't wear my engagement ring (Yes, the same ring that mysteriously got bent in September. I'm beginning to think that either the ring is sick of me and so it's contorting itself into unwearable situations or someone else is sick of me and is trying to give subtle hints that he wants to break up with me).
4. Thanksgiving is coming and I have to make zillions of squash buns
5. Travel plans (only worrisome because that means I have less time than I thought to make squash buns. I will enjoy the actual trip)
6. Hayley says she needs an amp for the bass guitar.
7. Paul needs to register for the ACT test
8. I have to put my Halloween decorations away! I only like to make messes, not clean them up.
9. Kids who live in this house aren't putting their clothes away. Grrrrr
10. The tenth item is so scary, I hesitate to mention it. Christmas is next month. I am not ready for it to be Christmas yet.


Jen said…
I'm following your PSA in just a few minutes. Waiting for Vi to finish lunch, and then we're off. Get that durn toe to the doctor. I'm beginning to think your ring is trying to turn against you. Maybe it's because you're not hugging Jim enough. Go give that man a hug.
Jenni said…
Wow, lots on the mind - as Macbeth stated, "Oh scorpions on my mind!" or something like that. I am in the middle of putting away Halloween, also, and it just seems so hard.
Mike said…
yes, make lots of squash buns