Mystery of life #24435.09a

How did this happen? And how did it happen while still on my finger?

As I was driving some kids home on Labor Day, I noticed something wrong with my ring.

Hang on tight, I'm heading into a tangent.

I don't wear much jewelry, mostly because I will play with whatever jewelry I wear. It's a habit of mine. And by "play with" I mean that I'll take whatever it is off my person and finger it or twist it or fiddle with it or stick it on my nose (not in) or send it spinning on a table. Even rings. One time while waiting for a kid to come out of an ortho appointment, I was fiddling with my wedding and engagement rings and I happened to see a familiar face. As I turned in my enthusiasm to greet her, my wedding ring went flying off the non-wedding ring finger I had put it on and into the toybox. Luckily I had *Fake Child with me and I gave her the task of finding my ring. I find it difficult to leave the jewelry alone, and I can always feel the bracelet or necklace pressing on my skin; even my wedding and engagement rings are noticed continuously by the section in my brain that notices things on my skin. It's like a constant update on the status of my skin. "You are wearing two rings. And a bulky bracelet that makes little divots in your skin if you fold your arms" over and over again until I take off whatever jewelry I'm wearing.

I don't know if it's an annoying habit to play with my jewelry because no one has ever told me it is. But I don't see many others playing with their jewelry, which leads me to believe that it is an activity that is slightly out of the norm. I don't know though, do any of you out there feel a similar need to play with your jewelry? (Rosaries don't count. Catholics are supposed to play with those. Maybe I need a rosary. Then I wouldn't fiddle so much with the other stuff)

[/tangent] Back to my original point.

So when I noticed that something didn't feel right with my ring finger, I held up my hand and saw that my engagement ring was squishing in on my finger. I was totally shocked. I have NO IDEA how that happened. And my wedding ring was still perfectly circular. You would think that whatever bent my ring to the extreme that it squished my finger and made it very difficult to remove (I like my rings loose so I can remove them easily. I feel claustrophobic when I have tight rings on) would have been noticed by me.

I got a little panicky--not too much because I was driving kids home and driving while in full blown panic mode would have been dangerous--because I couldn't get the ring off at first. I thought I was going to have to find a jeweler to cut it off. Finally I managed (but with great pain and a bruise to my knuckle) to get it off my finger.

I've taken it to a jewelry shop to have it fixed. They'll have to replace half the band. Sigh.

Now my brain has to keep reminding me that I have only one ring on.

*Fake Child does not come to my house anymore. I'll have to be more careful with my rings while in the orthodonist's waiting room.


Dennis said…
In the Middle East most Arab men have beads that they run thru their fingers in much the same way as a rosary only there is no religious significance to them, it is just something to occupy them while they drink their coffee and smoke their cigarettes and play dominos or discuss any or all of their four wives. Anyway I have some worry beads if you would like them.
Jen said…
I can't stand wearing jewelry and usually only have my wedding rings on. If I wear a necklace then I pick at it constantly and feel like it is choking me. Any earrings give my ears bloaty, pussy rashes (even 24K gold or sterling silver). I do wear a watch sometimes, but I fiddle with it non-stop. So I guess I'm right there with you on the playing with jewelry front.

I don't know what to say about your ring. That is quite a strange occurrence. Mike may be able to figure it out since he's supposedly a scientist. Glad you're able to get it fixed and that you didn't have to cut off your finger to get the ring off.