Beautify your garbage cans, behind your entertainment units, in the crawl space, and under the sink!

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. My laundry room is filthy. Let me show you!

There are pipes every where on the walls and stuff piled on my dryer (I'd pile stuff on the washer, but the washer throws it all off during vigorous spin cycles)
Two litter boxes and an unswept floor (notice the presence of the broom. It wishes to be used)
Oh look, it's Evil Madge.And here is cat food spilled on the floor. You can't see some decent-sized water marks on the checkerboard floor, but believe me, they are there.

And my dirtiest secret of all. This floor space has been swept and mopped maybe twice since we moved into this house nearly twelve years ago.
See? (actually for my laundry room, it's pretty uncluttered by dirty laundry)

Normally, I shut the door to the laundry room when visitors happen by and no one has to see the filth (and the wet bras drying on hooks on the wall, which I didn't show you because I was too lazy to photograph everything. And I would rather not post pictures of my lingerie on the interwebs).

But as I was surfing my bookmarked websites, I found a post listing 12 decorating ideas FOR THE LAUNDRY ROOM. I hesitate to link to the actual website, because I don't know if I want you all linking over there and the website owner linking back and seeing me roll my eyes in a blog post. (but here's a hint. Google "beautify laundry room tips" and click on the one that has 12 tips. That's the blog I saw)

So here's my eye roll:
IT'S A LAUNDRY ROOM. It's supposed to be filthy, messy, and look somewhat like an indoor garage. Tell me why, oh ambitious do-it-yourself decorators, why does it need to look PRETTY??? Filthy clothing gets thrown in this room! Stuff like boys' underwear that has been to Boundary Waters for a week and never changed ONCE, cross country running warm up gear, towels that have wiped up cat vomit (and worse), and sheets that haven't been changed in [blotted out to save what little dignity I have left after showing you pictures of my laundry room]!!

For crying out loud, the cats POOP in this room!

Not every room in your house needs to scream: I clean all day long and arrange refitted thrift store crap in pleasant triangle-based layouts!

Seriously, if you have time to wallpaper your laundry room and create happy little vinyl signs that say in cheery fonts "Check your pockets!" then you have TOO flippin' much time on your hands.

Rant over.

(I'm gonna go sweep and mop that little area by the water softener now)

(And I'm gonna try to resist the urge to feel inferior to the people whose laundry rooms look like that)

(I bet they don't make home cooked dinners 6 nights a week)

(or get up at 4:30 a.m.)


Jenni said…
The cat poops in our laundry room, too. He also threw up in his food last week. My laundry room isn't even painted like the rest of the house.
Jen said…
At one time or another I've thought about painting my laundry room because it's the first room we see every time we enter back into the house. I thought it would cheer me up after dealing with frostbitten fingers after being outside in the subzero temps in the winter. However, reality set in and other, more important projects took/take precedence. I do have lots of organizing items like hooks, shelving, bins, cabinets because we have a ton o' crap in there such as shoes, jackets, summer/winter gear, bags, Mike's homeless tools that I get sick of tripping over in the garage, and much more.

I had to laugh at yet another thing to roll my eyes over about that blog. Too funny.