First day of what?

So I didn't post obligatory First Day of School pictures of my kids wearing their new clothes and backpacks and standing at the bus stop.

We are now a whole week into school and I'm still not posting pictures of my kids wearing their new clothes and backpacks and standing at the bus stop.

I've done the first day of school so many times that I'm all MEH with it now. There are only three left going to school anyway, it hardly seems worth it. Besides, Paul wheedled rides to school from his father the whole first week so there was no bus stop action for him at all. And Hayley and Matt were out the door before 7 a.m. and I was too busy getting ready for my new job that I just kinda waved from the bathroom as they were scurrying out the door, instead of following them around with my camera. They were all relieved.

There was a first day today. First day of seminary. First day of me having to get up at the crack of way-too-dang-early (yes, Jenni, I know you feel my pain) and present a happy made-up face and feet with church shoes to a class full of cranky-as-babies teenagers to teach them about spiritual things.

And I did it. With a smiling face too. And then I dropped off four very nice teenagers at the high school and I went to work to play Mancala with several very nice K-3rd graders.

At 9:30 a.m., I am officially done with the "working out of home" part of my day.

To top it all off with a very large cherry, a mom of one of the kids at the before school care program at which I work brought in a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies for us kid-care workers!!! Breakfast!


Jenni said…
Oh man, I guess I'll just have to use my imagination for the picture. I'm picturing Paul with an enthusiastic smile and a hug for his mom. I'm picturing Hayley in a pink dress with bows in her hair holding Matt's hand as they toddle off to the bus together; Matt is wearing a beanie with a propeller. I really wanted a picture of you on your first day of Seminary!! I'm glad everything is working out and falling into place!
Your imagination is SPOT ON. Although you missed Paul's mohawk and nose ring.
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TaterBean said…
HAHA Aunt Jenni...NO! My siblings are not squares...well, not like that anyway...
Mom, paul cuts his hair too short for a mohawk