Old Mother Hubbard

Or maybe it should be Old Mother Evans, but skip the dog with a bone thing. The cupboards are bare and poor Old Mother Evans is hungry.

There is no more cookie dough in the freezer.
There is no more chocolate hiding in my pantry.
There are no more cinnamon rolls leftover from seminary.

I need some sugar/chocolate for comfort. I need comforting because I've eaten too much sugar/chocolate in my life.

It's a vicious circle, my friends.

Please tell me that broiled veggies taste just like Hershey's Nuggets with Toffee bits.


Jen said…
Oh, how I wish I could share the left over chocolate ganache cake sitting in my kitchen taunting me every second since I've gotten back from the gym. I even tried to get Mike to take it with him on his trip, but he refused. How after your plea for chocolate I feel I must give in for just a taste. Just a micro-taste. I promise.
Jenni said…
Funny thing...they do.