Teenagers from outer space

OK not really. I just like to say that I've always thought Paul was an alien. But now that I drive him to school from seminary every day, I see more of the normal teenage Paul as he interacts with a friend (who we also drive to school, along with two girls).

I like to hear the kids laugh. I don't feel the need to get in to the conversation, but I do have to laugh when I hear something I think is funny.

Today I was rewarded with a gem from Paul (and pardon me if you don't think it's funny. Maybe it was just in the animated way he said it. At home, Paul uses a very monotone voice, but in the car with his friend, he actually varies the tone of his voice in a very human being-ish way).

I heard:

"And then your teeth turn into grenades IN YOUR MOUTH."

I have no idea where that came from or what the conversation was about to that point. After that it turned into a horror movie, and I finally had to say, "Too gross! Talk about something else!" And the talk turned to cinnamon rolls, which made me super super hungry.

Time to eat.


Jen said…
Hmmm, sounds like a conversation I'd like to stay out of. But it's good to see that Paul does indeed have a sense of humor and human voice with actual inflections.
Jenni said…
Has he been viewing my dreams?