WAX HANDS! Part 2, with pictures

Today was the first day of school. I worked my first shift at my new job. And my engagement ring needs fixing. Which subject shall I address first?

Just kidding (although all three subjects are true, and technically blogworthy).

Where was I? Oh yes, traveling from my freshman year of college to the present.

So Jake said, "Wax hands!"

And after reflecting on my past experience, I asked him, "Where can I get one! My plaster hand broke many years ago!"

He said, "Yeah, I thought you would like to know that I'm trying to get a wax hands booth at my club's annual Labor Day Eve thing." (The country club where he works is open to the public on the day before Labor Day every year and we have gone on several occasions because they have an awesome fireworks display)

I hadn't even hung up the phone and I was already writing in the club party on my calendar. I was SO going to get me a wax hand!

Sunday was the day of the open house and true to the promise I made to myself, I got my hand cast in wax! The process was not painful at all this time. The wax must have been a special kind that melts at a low temperature. I was one of the few adults at the booth, but lines were long--making a wax hand was popular among the younger set.

Matt and Hayley both made wax hands too. Here are the three hands we made. Mine is yellow, Matt's is blue, and Hayley's is red.
The kids have to goof off with their hands. Matt is about to get the double eye poke.
Matt gets Hayley back with a claw to the face, but Hayley is quite the sneak as she gives Matt rabbit ears.
And Matt shakes hands with a member of Blue Man group. The End.

Thanks Jake, for bringing Wax Hands to the club! And for letting me know about it. I love my wax hand!


Dennis said…
The wax hands look really cool. Now I want one but alas it won't happen. Great idea Jake.
How did your first day at school go?
Jenni said…
That is so awesome!! I want one so bad now. It would go great in my classroom with my brass cobra.

I like how you teased me there in the beginning like you might not address the whole wax hand storyline.
Jenni said…
I like the picture of Matt shaking the blue hand.
Jen said…
Yours turned out so cool. I love those 3 colors together. They will make an awesome display somewhere in your home. Love the picture of Matt shaking hands with the blue hand. And bunny ears never get old.