We got Weirded out at the State Fair

I love the State Fair. Contrary to popular belief, I don't ALWAYS get lost there. (only sometimes) (cell phones are good)

We don't go very often, but when we do, I love threading through jostling crowds of people to look at stuff and eat food that is very bad for me. (Side note: our local paper had a calorie count for the most popular fair foods, and it turns out that in order to burn off the calories ingested eating a serving of cheese curds, a person would have to walk ELEVEN miles)

We were only at the fair for a few hours last night, most of the those hours were spent watching and listening to this guy:Weird Al Yankovic.

I knew most of the words to most of the songs he sang.

Jake and Dylan happened to be there too! I had no idea they were coming. But Jim was volunteering at the fair (his company encourages volunteerism and allows their employees to volunteer during work hours) and ran across another brother, Dave, with Owen. Dave mentioned that Jake and Dylan were going to the concert too. So we texted and met up with Jake and Dylan before the concert. We sat in different seating areas, but the view was not ideal in both areas so after the concert began, both parties moved to a place that had a much much much much much better view (I mean MUCH better. Much). Dylan sat with Matt and Hayley and Jake had a whole row (practically) to himself behind us.

Other Jim and Paul were in attendance as well. Despite the bored look on Paul's face, a good time was had by all.
Other images from the concert:

Harmonica help from a stagehand
Amish Paradise
Beverly Hillbillies
The encore--The Saga Begins (oxymoronish for a finale) and Yoda
In other news, I went to my job orientation this morning. I didn't get my badge photo taken, alas. The person in charge wasn't in the office. So that will happen later. But I did meet my supervisor and learned a few things about the job. I'm ready to start on Tuesday!


Jen said…
Ooh, what a fun night and to find out that kin was there, too. Glad you guys were able to sit together and get a MUCH better view. Ha, it's funny seeing Al all dressed up for each of his numbers. Fun!

Good luck with your new job on Tuesday. You'll do great.
Jenni said…
So jealous. The Minnesota State Fair is a magical place. A place where family members can meet up randomly, especially Dave. That is a rare sighting indeed.

And was it weird to get official for a job? I found it weird. Good luck on Tuesday. You now have to get back to school pictures of you!!