Stopping by for just a minute

I'll be spending most of my time this week getting to know my sewing machine better. A friend of mine asked if I could help her sew a few fairy skirts for a community theater production. I also have some pants I have to finish reconstructing.

I love the new set up in the sewing room--I feel much less cramped! And I have room on the floor to cut stuff out. The table also has room for the portable DVD player so I can watch Lark Rise to Candleford while I sew.

Blogging might be light this week. I have a full plate. Don't call me this week, I don't have time to answer. If you need my help for anything, you'll have to pay to have me cloned. And you'll have to feed and clothe the clone.


Jen said…
Oooh, I wish I could be sewing right now. Even though you don't get to keep most of what you'll be creating, I'm sure it'll still be enjoyable to see the outcome. My dining room now acts as my "sewing room", but it serves it's purpose well. I'm envious that you get to have your own sewing room without a little baby sleeping in there (my little baby is currently sleeping in what used to be my sewing room).

Don't worry, I won't bother you. Even though I had some juicy news that I'm just dying to tell someone. Oh, but I suppose I'll have to tell someone else now...j/k.

P.S. I did get your message about our craft day. I meant to resopnd, but last week was my busy (and ill) week with no husband around at all. I think Wednesday will be just fine for our CRAFTAGANZA. I'm thinking we probably won't be getting there until Tuesday night anyway since Mike is trying to preserve his vacation days from here on out.
Mike said…
I might call you and try to have a nice long conversation just to irk you. Dont ever tell me not to do something, it only makes me want to do it out of spite. Maybe consider phrasing it like, "it wouldnt be right to call me this week, I'm too busy..." Then maybe my guilt would win out over spite.
Ahh, but Mike, are you CERTAIN this was not a ploy to make you call me and talk to me?

Jen-I eagerly await craft day! I have not yet heard from the other person who might be joining us. (If any others would like to join, you will have to fill out a detailed application online and submit a resume and four references. Unless you are Jenni, in which case, I can be all four of your references and you can be in on it.)(not really)(but you do have to reserve space in advance)(and you have to bring a craft to do and share)(or food. Food is an acceptable substitute for a craft)
Jenni said…
No fair!! arg. I won't call because I'll be embroidering crests onto 21 black cardigans for the dance team's Harry Potter dance for Homecoming. Wish you were here!

My Word Verification suggest we "manify"