Logical sequence

It began with me wanting to see if the cross country picture taker had posted any new pictures in her photo gallery.

It ended with a remodeled sewing room/food storage room.

Our computer is a dinosaur (or at least a woolly mammoth. Or Neanderthal man). Despite its slowness, it was fine for our needs and got me where I wanted to be on the world wide web. But Thursday, I could not access the internet. We'd had problems before but had always been able to fix the situation by manually inputting the IP addresses. But that didn't work this time. No internet. I could not get on to see if Julie B had taken pictures at the CC pasta dinner.

In frustration I barked out a few PG-rated epithets at the computer, but it must not have liked my tone and it completely froze up. Rebooting did not work either.

Nothing worked.

Jim finally broke down and on his lunch break on Friday, he bought a new computer. Meanwhile, we had gotten the old computer back up and running, but still without the internet. And Hayley had summer math assignments to do before school started. Luckily, OJ's graduation present laptop could access our internet (we have wi-fi!) and she was able to get her work done.

We decided that we'd still keep the old internet for use as a word processor for kids who needed to type stuff up but didn't need the internet. The kids were always arguing about needing to use the computer so hopefully this will alleviate that somewhat.

Anyway, where to put the old computer?

The sewing room. But I needed to clean off the table. Ever since the Great Room Switch, things have been piling up in there and in its present state, we could not fit anything more on that table.

But I got to cleaning off the toy shelf, since I don't babysit Fake Child anymore, and without the internet, I got up enough motivation to clean off the table too. But I couldn't stop there. Once I got the table cleaned off, I realized that the set up--having the table smack in the middle of the room--was not going to be easy to maneuver around. So I took the leaf out of the table and pushed it up against the window. I planned to put the sewing machine and the computer on the table. But that didn't seem right somehow. I think the sewing machine likes the two sergers much more than the old computer so I put the sergers on the table and had Other Jim transfer the computer to the small roller table that used to house the sergers. OJ then hooked up the computer all by himself (he takes after his father. They are born with the ability to connect black plastic boxes together with mysterious cords without instructions and have everything work) I moved a few more bookshelves around, and now....

I have a whole new room!
In fact, with the table out of the middle of the room, we can actually have people sleep in there if we were to ever have guests. When Katie visitis, she won't have to sleep on the cat-dander-infested couches and get her allergies all worked up. She can sleep on an air mattress in the sewing room and eat granola bars to her heart's content.

In review:
1. Fail to get on internet several times
2. Curse mildly as you fiddle with the software
3. Make sure husband is in auditory range
4. Husband buys new computer
5. Keep old one
6. Decide to put it in overcrowded room
7. Clean a space for old computer
8. Decide to move furniture around and throw out the junk so people don't trip when they want to get to the computer
9. Change location of appliances several times (make sure you have your post-high-school-graduate teenager around to help) and voila, a whole new sewing/food storage room!
10. Buy granola bars


Jen said…
A new computer!! You must dish about it. I promise I won't tease you if it's not a Mac, but I do just have to say that your own mother has one. Just sayin'.

I love the new set-up in your sewing room. It's much more open now. And multi-purpose, too. Who can beat that? Way to go!

I got really motivated last night, too (was something in the air?!?) and organized a bunch of nasty areas around the house. Mike went to bed saying, "So you're in one of those moods, huh?. I'm outta here before I start getting blamed for stuff." Does he really know me that well.
Jim mentioned a few weeks ago that our next computer should be a Mac but he must have lied to me.

Despite its un-Macness, I like it. I love the Sticky Notes program!
TaterBean said…
YAY! Love the clean room! ...that brings back memories to when I deep cleaned your old sewing room downstairs. That will be nice to sleep in there, but you know I will end up falling asleep to a movie on the couch. :P I'm trying to start a new quilt...I have no idea what I am doing, but we'll see how it turns out.