Running Man

'Nother race for Paul.

Statistical information:
New personal record for Paulie: 18:00
Improvement over last race: 30 seconds
Improvement on last year's best time: 8 seconds
3rd Laker in

Paul contemplates his choice of headband.

The new spikes. I am blinded by the orange.
Nearly halfway through the race. I got prime seating for picture taking. Then I had a few minutes to saunter over to the finish line (where all my pictures were blurry).

Labeled picture for Jenni, who likes labeled pictures.


Jenni said…
I hope no one tripped over the grass. I am interested in the glowing shoes. They are magical. Paul looks very enthusiastic.
Jen said…
Nice labeling on the picture. Quite thorough. It's funny how when I was Paul's age (maybe a little younger) I would have loved those bright orange spikes. Now I shudder envisioning myself wearing such obnoxious footwear. Sounds like Paul is really taking his running seriously and making great improvements each time. Go, Paul!