Knock on wood laminate

Pretend I am whispering. I don't want to jinx the situation by telling people out loud.

Other Jim got a second job.

(I'm still whispering). He will get close to 40 hours a week and his old job, but now he'll get a variable amount of hours at a new job with someone from church. OJ will be helping at the guy's metal components manufacturing place. He worked there yesterday for 6 hours and he's there again today for 7 hours.

Obviously this is a good thing for a few reasons:
A) more money for OJ for college
B) he'll get experience doing something different than pushing carts around
C) future job reference from the employer
D) he'll be at home less. Not that I mind having him around, but really and truly, does an 18 year old guy really want his mother hovering around him when he's at home? No. And this way, I know he's keeping busy doing something productive.....and....
E) (related to D) he won't have to do household chores on a daily basis if he's working 14 hours a day.

The downside:
The flip side to E--He won't be doing a cleaning job everyday. I was kinda looking forward to a cleaner house. Hmmmm. I guess the house will remain messy.


Jen said…
Congrats, OJ, on the new job. Sounds like it will be great experience. However, however will the shoebox castle survive without one less hand to clean it?
Jenni said…
Oh how fortunate. Yes, one job isn't enough at that age. During the summers, I usually had 2 jobs. I needed the money!! Good for him. And, I'm only typing this so I didn't say anything out loud.