What I couldn't blog about yesterday

1. Computer problems. We are getting a new computer because the old one is...well...really old. And it's sick. It can now only be used as a glorified typewriter. We will keep it upstairs in the sewing room. I expect some late night partying in that room because the serger is such a night owl and likes to stir things up, and the sewing machine will do pretty much whatever the serger tells it to do, especially if it means there'll be a party. The computer hasn't had any friends but the TV for so many years and I think it's excited to see some new faces. Plus there is food in the sewing room. I might have to knock a few power cords to keep it quiet so I can sleep.

2. Paul's first race of the season. No pics though because it was raining and I didn't want to get the camera wet. When asked how he did, he grunted. But I saw him talking with much animation to some of his teammates. He did say that he wasn't cold.

3. I have to use Other Jim's laptop for this blog post. (that's how we knew the internet problems we were having weren't with the internet service but with the computer--OJ had no problem getting onto the internet)

4. I had to wear a coat yesterday in the windy cold at Paul's race. I was so happy to be wearing a coat! Fall is almost here! And I have a snazzy new fall coat with my last name embroidered on it and the names of my kids on the sleeve. I got it at the local letter jacket store. When I took Paul's letter jacket in to get more bars put on it, the saleslady showed me the mom's jacket and I rationalized myself into getting one. I didn't have a fall jacket. That was my rational.

5. One more orientation at my new job. I saw where all the Legos go. And the markers. And I get to go into the teacher's lounge! All my life, I've wanted the right to go into a teacher's lounge!

6. OK I've run out of things I was going to blog about yesterday and I still have a few numbers yet.

7. Katie got 102% productivity at her job for the month of August. Go Katie! Bonus time!

8. Typing on a laptop takes some getting used to.

9. I need a shower.

10. And perhaps a doughnut?


Jenni said…
Keep an eye on the electronics. They'll turn on you.

I would love to see a picture of your new jacket. Rationalization is an art form.

GO Paul, Katie, and other people in your house doing super jobs.

Eat a donut.