Five captains, a complaint, and Hayley

I finally was able to download the picture of the five cross country running captains for 2011. So there is Paul in the middle.

I am a bit frustrated because I can't find my camera battery charger again (I lost it earlier in the year). Our trip to CA is coming up soon and I going to NEED a camera battery! Alas!

Last night was the Evening of Excellence for the young women at church. Every girl was supposed to bring a project to show off. Hayley brought the bass guitar. It was kind of odd to see all these sewing projects (there were a lot of them) and scrapbooks and then to see a bass guitar and an amp. Hayley is just not a typical girl. But she's Hayley and doing just fine with the things she likes to do. After the program, some of the adults pestered Hayley into playing it for them. I wish I had had a working camera battery so I could have taken a little video.


Jenni said…
A bunch of skinny boys.

Morgan and Hayley are kindred spirits. Morgan's display was always a little different. We did the sewing projects but then there was the guitar. Maddie asked the other day if she could have the guitars when Morgan goes to school. Not bloody likely.
Jen said…
Handsome pic of Paul and his fellow capitans. I hope you find your battery charger. Just don't blame Jim for losing it forcing him to buy a new one for you and then have egg on your face when you find it in and amongst your endo school messy junk. Sorry, just traumatic events resurfacing. I just went to our ward's YW in Excellence event, and there definitely weren't any rocker chicks like Hayley showing off their bass guitars. Too bad you didn't get a video or picture. However, Hayley did sew up her own Halloween costume, so there's a good combination.