Just a few more pictures from the trip and some from Thanksgiving

Seeing family was the main reason for our trip to California.

Since I'm so rarely on the West Coast, I had to stop by Yuba City to see my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. We had lunch with them and my cousin Emily's family. Do I look like my Aunt Laurie? I think so. I hope I have some of the same personality too because she is a wonderful person. Grandma and Grandpa were lively conversationalists.

We spent a lot of time with Jim's family, but I didn't take many pictures. These next two pictures are from the last night we were there and I finally had to insist on at least a couple of pictures.

Jim and his sisters:Jim and a few more members of the extended family. Jim's dad is in there and three of Tammy's children and a daughter-in-law.
And now some pictures from yesterday, Turkey day.

OK, this first one. I thought I would take a picture of all five of my children together. Katie's home for the week and I need to get at least one pic. Can you guess why I laughed at this picture?
Yes, SOMEONE decided to make a face. He called it his "John Casey" face. Some people have suggested that I send this picture to This is Photobomb (click at your own risk. Some images may burn sensitive eyes, of which sometimes I have two).

Here is a picture of Mimi. I had no idea she'd grown another leg.

Apparently, neither did she:
Dylan is shocked too.
Thanksgiving sky through some trees:
Mike feeds some turkey skin to Lucy:
Dave and Austin wait for the food:
Bring on the food!
Grandma serves up some commentary along with the meatballs to Sophie and Hayley:I hope you all had your fill of good food and good company yesterday.


Jenni said…
1. Yes, you look like aunt Laurie and that is a good thing.

2. So good to see pictures of Grandma and Grandpa. I'm glad you had the chance to spend time with them.

c. Also good to see Jim's family including Sadie who we had such a good time with in Colorado.

4. Nice to see all your kids strapped into the car. Paul is ever the comedian.

5. Apparently Mimi's extra leg growth didn't hurt. I'm glad for that.

f. I wish we could have joined you all. It looked like so much fun. Lots of kids. It used to be our kids that were the little ones!

g. Miss you!
Shantel said…
looks like you guys had a great time!