(I really should be packing)

(but instead I'm gonna post about Paul's last marching band concert)

Yep, it's the last time I get to see Paulie in a marching band uniform. He'll still play the French Horn next year, but he says that marching band and Cross Country conflict--and he's sort of right. A few times this year, he's had CC meets on afternoons when he is supposed to play in the band at football games. And he wants to go to his meets. I don't blame him. So next year, for band, he will sign up for the Fall Concert band instead. The only extracurricular requirement for that is one concert in November. Plus he doesn't have to wear the marching band uniform (I think he is mistaken in not liking the band uniform. He looks so awesome with a yellow feather duster sticking out of his head. I'm sure if they had brass helmets with a broom-style mohawk--like Morgan's band does--he'd be much more attached to it. Maybe not).

Anyway, here he is for the last time as a marching band horn player.
And this is what he would look like if you, as the viewer, vibrated like an electron all the time.
I wasn't able to catch him on his own and still in uniform after the concert--he's gotten too sneaky for me.

Other kids' news: Other Jim has officially registered for college classes! He got all the classes he wanted, but not all of them at the times he wanted. But he will survive his 7:45 a.m. Book of Mormon class on T/Th.


Dennis said…
Why is the guy to Paul's left sans hat and flashy feather? Paul looks so dashing in his uniform. He is, actually a handsome young man (even without the uniform - by that I mean in street clothes). I hope he doesn't get his hand stuck in his horn.
Dennis said…
On further inspection I see the guy to Paul's left is wearing some sort of head gear but is lacking a yellow feather.
Sousaphone or Tuba players don't need to wear the regular headgear. Ask Morgan about that.
Jenni said…
It was fun while it lasted. He does look rather debonnaire in his uniform (yes I spelled it wrong). Morgan loves her uniform. She is weird.

And good for OJ for getting all set! Whew. Yeah, about that 7:45 class....
Jen said…
That's too bad about Paul not being able to wear that magnificent uniform anymore. Paul is handsome no matter what he wears. Congrats to O.J. It is always exciting to get all the classes you hoped for and even more exciting when it's your very first semester. Good luck, O.J.!! 7:45 is harsh though. In my early college days I never scheduled anything earlier than 10.