White-itude, now with pictures!

Look at that! Isn't it pretty? 8 inches plus of good old fashioned snow! What makes it REALLY pretty is that I don't have to drive anywhere in it. My workshops were canceled because road conditions were bad.

The snow is still coming down. I've gotten more stuff done today than I have this whole week. I will be baking squash buns in a little while.

Bonus picture:
Other Jim doesn't have to work today (a rarity, and an especially good one because of all the snow. He'd be a miserable cart pusher today). Instead, he researched college classes and came up with a workable schedule. Now we just have to hope the sections he selected don't fill up before he is allowed to register on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for OJ.

PS I complained so loudly about losing my camera battery charger that the camera battery charger fairy brought me a new one. So now I can use my camera because I have a charged-up battery! California, here I come!! (on Wednesday)


Dennis said…
Is the whole family going to CA? Might you get a chance to visit G & G? If children are going I know they would LOVE to see them.
I drove in the snow (but not my bus) and it wasn't too bad. No slipping and sliding. I was going to go see "Morning Glory" but the time shown in the paper was off by 2 hrs.
Jim and I are the only travelers. I already have plans to visit with the grandparents--I've set it all up with Laurie.
Jenni said…
The snow looks so inviting - - inviting me to stay home and snuggle up!!! We will think of OJ on his day of decisions that will affect the rest of his life. And I'm so glad you have a functional camera!!
Jen said…
Wowzers! I hope it doesn't snow like that when we travel up there next week. See you soon!