You don't eat no meat?!

Yes, Katie is a vegetarian. When she first told me, I asked her, "Then why are you coming home for Thanksgiving?" It's the most meat-centric of all the major American holidays! Her response was "For the squash buns." Aaaaah, yes, I can understand. Squash buns are fairly incredible.

But she did want to be able to tell her friends back in UT that she ate turkey, so we devised a plan: a turkey cake.

I wouldn't make it on the actual Thanksgiving day because there was too much going on. But Black Friday, one of two days in my calendar that I refuse to leave the house (the other being Dec. 26), was much less busy.

So she and I baked. Kate also wanted to experience the use of fondant, so I incorporated some fondant into the decoration. And this is what we came up with:A turkey Katie would eat. It was yummy.


Jenni said…
It is beautiful. And I love cake. But I also love meat. Great job making your turkey look good and edible after all those cakewrecks!!
Jen said…
So so clever and so Yummy! You definitely need to make that part of our thxgiving tradition at Ma Olsen's each year.
TaterBean said…
I love the movie you quoted for the title of your post. That is a GREAT movie! LOL