Grand parents

I scanned another album-ful of pictures a couple weeks ago. I took a lot of pictures of Katie when she was little, and this was that album.

While looking at all the pictures, I was again very grateful that I had taken so many pictures. In the pictures are people who are not with us anymore. I'm also grateful for the grandparents (some of whom are still around)--my grandparents, Jim's grandparents, and Katie's grandparents. There's an awful lot of happiness in my life as a direct result of my grandparents. And Jim's grandparents and parents contributed positively to my good relationship with Jim. I've never felt unwelcome with Jim's family.

I decided I would post some tributary pictures. I don't have all the grandparents, but I have some. I might have the missing ones in the next album. So if you don't see yourself, you might have to wait til the next tribute post.

And this is a bonus tribute for Katie, since she's in all the pictures. She's coming to MN in a few weeks for Thanksgiving!

Jim's mom and Katie:
Four generations! L to R: Gary (my stepdad--we miss you!), Mom, Grandma Talberg holding Katie, and Jenni (an aunt tribute!)
Jim's Grandma Evans (we miss you!):
Grandpa Bob and Katie (We miss you, Bob)
Grandma and Grandpa Hawley with Katie--their first time seeing their first great-grandchild.
My grandma and grandpa Talberg. Katie wasn't their first great-grandchild, but no matter how many there were, they loved visits from all of them, especially if they were babies. I miss these two wonderful people.

If I had a glass of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider in my hand, I'd toast all grandparents.


Jenni said…
I was near tears seeing all these dear people who are gone and that I miss. They were (and some still are) so important to me and what my life is. We will all be at that point in our lives someday - when we are "old old" and don't like we were ever strong and with it. Humanity is amazing. And funny how Katie still looks the same. She is completely recognizable as "Katie". I'm glad you get to see her in a few weeks and have the whole family together. Get Jen to take a picture for your Christmas cards. You have to get a full family picture whenever you can these days!!

Then I saw your acid wash jeans!! I'm glad because I don't like crying at school and it gives me a headache!!
TaterBean said…
I loved seeing those old pictures!! I actually remember a lot of the great grandparents! :)

Oh...and it would be nice to get a family picture (a recent one) so I can have one. I don't have any recent family photos (with me in it). The ones from last year don't include me. LOL I still want to be a Evans family memeber. HAHA
Pending Jen the photographer's schedule, I have plans to get a family picture taken over Thanksgiving.

Oh, those acid wash pleated high-waisted jeans. Weren't they stylin'?

I hear ya, Jenni. When I was scanning, I was a little verklempt myself. Part of the reason I am scanning is so that I have these pictures in digital form in case something happens to the albums themselves. I don't want to lose these.
Jen said…
Such a sweet post remembering all the grandparents. I miss Gary, too. He was such a good man who loved you all so much. I did have the pleasure of meeting Grandma Talberg (that's Great Grandma to Katie), and even then she was a firebrand pulling out her squirt gun right away when she saw us. I'm also glad to have gotten to know the those grandparents that are still around and hopefully will be for years to come.

I'm definitely planning on being around for Thanksgiving and offering my photography skills to your family. I'd say it's a sure thing since getting your whole group together for a family photograph seems to be getting rarer these days.