Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have adequate tastebuds to enjoy the dinner on your table, brotherly (and sisterly) love in your heart to enjoy the people at your table, and ample footspace under the table. And someone else to do the dishes.

I have been reminded that under blogger rules, I must post pictures of recent trips within 4 days of the end of the vacation. Rules are rules and I must bend to accomodate. And the consequences of noncompliance are too terrible to even think about. The stuffing can wait, I guess.

So back we go to California.

Jim at the Walton Lighthouse in Santa Cruz. And yes, it was cold enough to wear a leather jacket. It rained most of the time we were there.
I am at Pismo Beach. You see my barefeet? I waded in the water. Jim and I are on the Pismo Beach pier.
Here I am in a changing room on Morro Bay Beach. Morro Rock is behind me.
OK. That's probably all I can do today. Got to get back to preparations. More tomorrow.


Jenni said…
I'm thinking I wouldn't change there. It seems a little less private than I like.
Kate said the same thing. I was actually standing on a bench in the cubicle. But I still wouldn't change there either. No doors.