Is there a captain in the house?

Yes there is!

Last night the cross country team had their end-of-the-year banquet. Part of the program was the announcement of next year's team captains and Paul is one of them! I'd post a picture, but I didn't take one (too far away and the room was big and dark--I'm waiting for the person who took a picture to post it on the cc photo gallery. When she does, I'll download it and post it here). There are five boy captains and they've all come through the program together for the last three years. All of them work hard and have set a good example for the younger team members.

Paul told me that one of the responsibilities of a captain is to drive to the cross country camp in August. Oh, really? (this is Paul trying to weasel his way into getting his license and a vehicle for his personal use)


Jen said…
Way to go, Paul! That's quite an honor, and he certainly deserves it with his hard work and record breaking times.
Dennis said…
Paul has worked hard and is dedicated to his sport and I'm proud of his accomplishments. Congratulations Paul.
Jenni said…
That is so great!! And so, does he get to drive? Jimmy will be gone? Does he take the car with him? So many questions that need answers.