1 day (!!!!) and sneezing and Russians

Paul leaves Peru this evening! Wish him luck on his 24-hour trip back home! Tomorrow we will see him!!!

Sneezing: Matt went to scout camp yesterday. Jim drove him and a couple other boys up to wherever it is and stayed for a little bit, mostly because Matt got light-headed during the swim test (yes folks, we have another fainter in the family! The count is at 4!) and so Jim stayed for an extra hour to make sure Matt was ok (and he was). Late at night, Jim got a text from Matt asking for more allergy meds because being outdoors constantly is making him sneeze constantly. Yes, the kid is allergic to being outside. Sheesh. I did know about it (because every time he mows the lawn, he comes in the house and sneezes for the next four hours and his eyes are all puffy), but I failed to mother him enough to make him remember to take the nasal spray and the Benadryl. He did take the 24-hour Zyrtec generic. (Personally, I think he needs to be more on top of his meds himself. He is 16 after all) So Jim is going to take some meds over to Christian, who is going up to camp tomorrow. Matt will just have to put up with the sneezing until Christian gets there.

Hi Russian person (or people)! I check my blog stats every so often (every day) and I've noticed that I get more hits from Russia that from anywhere else. (I don't get many hits)  Matt took a picture of my stat page with Russia listed on top, posted the pic on snapchat, and captioned it something like "Putin is spying on my mom's blog." Mr. Putin, if you are reading this, Hello! (wave!) I love those memes!