I am officially old, archaic, and technologically behind the times.

I can't get the TV to work. Scratch that. I can get the TV to work, but it's not the TV that I want to use. OK, I do want to the use the TV but not for watching a program on any network or cable channel or anything on my DVR list.

I want to watch a DVD while I putter on Shutterfly (proofing Paul's Year 1 mission book or perhaps starting Hayley's photo book). But I can't get it to play. Supposedly we should be able to insert the disc into the mouth of the Blueray player and it will start it up automatically. But it's not doing that. It did turn the TV on, but it's stuck on the Netflix start screen. I can get it to the TV setting, but I don't want the TV setting! I've tried the remotes, including the Wii ones.

The kids are both working and showing no signs of wanting to come home, so I can't watch what I wanted to unless I went up to the bedroom, where sits the TV with the built in DVD player that works whenever I want it to.

Stupid entertainment system!

To counterbalance the negativity of the above post, I am uploading pictures from this past week that have nothing to do with the stupid downstairs TV.

Early Father's Day fun at a Twins game with my honey

Also with my sister

Target Field and Minneapolis

Nifty cloud

Father's day present that Jim had to assemble

Matt hugs a reluctant kitty