9 days and Jackson likes to eat rubber duckies

Jackson and Katie came over for most of the day (in fact they are still here). Jackson decided not to take a nap, but he hasn't been too fussy for lack of sleep. He has spent his time chewing on a rubber duckie, his mother's belt, a booster seat strap, a ball, various stuffed snakes, perl bead magnets, empty water bottles, empty milk jugs, and even some actual food. Katie keeps a food grinder at our house and ground up some turkey macaroni chili that I made for dinner and Jackson ate all of it.

That kid. I could spend hours watching him crawl around the room and play with stuff. He likes to chase the cats, who watch him with wary eyes, and then they trot off to another place away from the mobile potato (I like to think the cats consider him "that crawling potato").

I'm brain dead from work, but that little grandbaby perks me up. He's got big brown eyes and naturally styled dark brown hair. He's charming and very smiley.

I love to have him over!