And to drink...Peru!

Movie name, anyone?

I just popped in here to say TWO WEEKS UNTIL ELDER PAUL ARRIVES HOME! I saved the posters from Jimmy's return home, although one of them says "JIMMY" in big letters so we probably won't use that one, unless we feel super lazy that day and resort to just crossing it out and writing "PAUL."

I have other big things to plan for or worry about but somehow it all gets forgotten because there are few things that compare to welcoming a returned missionary home. I'm going to welcome him home with some homemade macaroni and cheese!

We have the luxury (or not) of having a full day before he gets released from his mission (all three of the stake presidency members will be at scout camp that night--oh yeah, Matt will be at scout camp too so he won't be there to welcome Paulie home. SAD) so we don't have to go RIGHT to the stake center. Paul can come home and relax and enjoy the air conditioning, the carpeting, the hot water that comes right out of the faucet, and many other comforts of home.


Jen said…
You know I know which movie you're quoting. Too bad he's not coming home from France because then you could do a Frawnch-themed supper.

It's so exciting to know Paul will be home soon. I still can't believe it's been two years. This must be a sign that I'm really old when 2 years feels more like 1. I can't wait for you all to be reunited. I'll make sure to listen to that song by Peaches and Herb in honor of Paul's return.