Laughing happy senior heads

This is Hayley's yearbook picture (except I had our photographer photoshop out the chunk of hair across her cheek and the strands poking up on the right side of her head). Hayley and I tend to view traditions like yearbook pictures as something to have fun with. Besides, Hayley was uncomfortable with any photo of her looking posed, or what she considered unnatural-looking. She was not a fan of getting her pictures taken in the first place, so we did allow her to make faces for some of the pictures. I have a very lovely collage of "Hayley faces" which is probably her favorite arrangement of photos of herself.

Anyway, she had several people in school tell her that they liked her picture and thought it was very "her."

Hayley didn't get a yearbook. She didn't want to part with $85 of her own dollars for it and she says she hates high school. For such a negative attitude, she actually has a happy face most of the time.

I don't have more to post; I'm still just processing the fact that the little Cheeky is graduating in a few days and will be a college student in a few short months. Security deposit on apartment has been paid, classes will be picked out in a week, packing to commence prob next month. I'll even throw in a hug when we drop her off.

Also? Paul returns in less than a month.