2 days and 6 bunnies

Paul has one full day (today) left, he leaves Peru tomorrow evening. I'm started drumming my fingers to pass the time. I might switch to thumb twiddling later on.

I went on a walk this morning and saw 6 bunnies. Saturday night I saw so many bunnies I didn't even bother counting. The rabbits must be breeding like....uh....rabbits.

The urge to pet them is so great that I go chasing after every bunny I see. I haven't caught one yet, nor do I expect to, but still I try (is this stupidity? I like to think it's simply bunny love). I keep telling them, "I don't want to hurt you, I just want to scritch-scratch you behind your big ears! I promise you'll enjoy it!" Even with those big ears, the bunnies don't listen.