8 days and Servo's white spot

I went for a walk this morning before work, and when I got back to the house, I saw a beautiful white moth right at eye level on the door frame. When Katie came over this morning, she walked in with Jackson and said, "Mom there's a pure white moth on your door!" And when Katie and I got back from an unsuccessful trip to the fountain park in Burnsville (Jackson didn't like the water at all), Hayley, who was sweeping the entry way, said, "Mom there's a really white moth that looks like Servo's white spot." If I had the privilege of naming this specimen, that's what I would have named it: Servo's White Spot. (Servo is a gray kitty, but he has a small, very white patch of fur on his chest between his front paws that we like to look at occasionally. Servo doesn't like us to look at it though, because he is a selfish boob)

Virginian Tiger moth
I wanted to pet it, but then it would fly away. So I took a picture. I didn't know what kind of moth it was, but thankfully the InterWeb makes insect identification a piece of cake. The caterpillar is a hairy orange bugger, and I've seen one or two of them around these parts.

VTMoth looks like he is prostrating himself in insectoid prayer.