3 days and email

I'm about to write my last missionary email for a while. For 3 1/2 years, I have written weekly emails to my missionary sons. Sometimes I have written it late at night after a busy day. Sometimes it has taken precedence over dinner. My elders deserved an email from home every week even if they didn't get time to write--very few times did they fail to write.

I wonder if I will miss writing the weekly email? I know I will miss getting them. OJ doesn't ever write emails to us anymore. We keep in touch by text message, facebook, and snapchat. Sometimes he calls. But I definitely heard from him more often when he was on his mission. I have a feeling Paul will be the same way.

Speaking of OJ, he got a job at the BYU I Health Center. I don't know what he will be doing, but whatever it will be, it requires 30 hours of training. He's looking forward to getting career experience since he is majoring in health care administration.

It's thundering outside. We lost our power earlier when it was nice and sunny out. It was only out for an hour and a half. And now it's raining and I'm crossing my fingers that the power will stay on.