7 days makes a week and an Asian grocery store

One week until Paul arrives at the MSP airport and we bring him home! 6 days til he leaves the mission home on a plane bound for Lima, Peru. He has 24 hours of traveling between leaving the mission home and arriving at his family home.

Today Hayley and I went to an Asian foods supermarket. I have been to this place before (I'm making egg rolls for Hayley's graduation party and some of the ingredients--like bean thread vermicelli and spring roll wrappers and powdered MSG--can only be purchased at an Asian foods market). She loved it. She is leaning towards majoring in Korean with a career path of teaching ESL students or teaching English in South Korea (she has mentioned she wants to take a tour of North Korea, the more "official," the better) because she is fascinated with Korean culture. I have always said she looks like she's part Asian.

The Asian foods market has some very interesting foods in it. When I walk up and down the aisles, I realize that I have a very limited repertoire of recipes and a very limited palate. I wouldn't know what to do with an eighth of the items in the Asian market. Makes me want to grab a store clerk and have him or her explain what each food is used for. Hayley saw some cheap melamine plates and bowls and decided that is what she wants to take out to college for use in her apartment.

So if you want to get Hayley a gift for graduation, may I humbly suggest CHOPSTICKS! Or some of those weird ladle-like spoons that you get when you order soup at a Chinese restaurant.