6 days and with 6 you get egg roll

6 days and we have to start cleaning up the boys' room. Matt thinks it is clean, mostly because you can see the floor in places, and you can pick out the dressers without having to use a map. I wonder if Paul's idea of clean will be any different after living in Peru for 2 years? He used to be quite a neatnik.

So egg rolls. For Hayley's grad party. 18 doz of them are now in my freezer. It's hard not to eat a few now and then because I love egg rolls, but I console myself with the knowledge that if there are leftovers after July 10, I can eat all I want (as long as I share with Hayley).

Katie was a big help with egg-roll making yesterday. She was in charge of chopping things with one of those handy food choppers--it took seconds to finely dice up the mushrooms, and a minute or two to chop up 2 onions. Now that Katie has turned into a helpful person, making food with her around is easy. Jackson wasn't much help at all. In fact he was NONE help. He made up for his lack of help by being extremely cute.

Katie and Jackson are over again today and maybe I'll have her help with cupcakes for the party. I think I might need a second freezer for all this food.