4 days and a 5k

Katie has a bucket list for this year since she turned 25. One of the items was "run a 5K" and today she can check that off!

She and Christian brought Jackson over this morning and Jim dropped them off at the start line. Then the two of us walked over to the finish line with Jackson in the stroller. We watched most of the runners finish. I'm always impressed with the little kids who run the race. When I was that age (and pretty much any other age) running was PUNISHMENT. I didn't ever do it just to do it. There were several 8-10 year old boys who ran and, like expert distance runners, they kicked it into high gear at the end of the race. I wanted to tell them all to keep running every day! Join the CC team in high school!

I clapped for everyone because they all did it--they braved exhaustion, heat (yes it was nice and sunny), thirst, hurt, and knowing they weren't going to WIN (except that one guy), and I'm totally jealous. It seems too hard. I could walk it, though, and that gives me a little boost. Last year, I wouldn't have been able to do even that.

When Christian finished, he told us about an old guy he kept passing and who would then pass him. At one point, Christian said the guy told him as he passed him again, "You should be beating me! I'm 86!" An 86 year-old ran the race! Take that, you old people! And you much younger people! Get outside and exercise! And we all clapped for the old guy when he finished (and yes, he finished before Christian, so we hadn't heard the story yet).

Paul missed this race by 4 days. He is planning to run a couple when he finally gets home!

Jackson is happy because Grandma is taking his picture....AGAIN.

Katie approaches the finish line! Yay Katie!

Christian approaches the finish line! Yay Christian!