Beans, braces, 'bones

Our garden is finally in produce mode! We ate homegrown beans the other night and I've already harvested a second batch! I planted purple beans and yellow wax beans--sort of a Vikings-colored bean crop. The only problem is that the purple beans turn green when boiled so we end up eating a Green Bay Packers-colored heap of beans. Alas. Regardless of football team association, the beans are wonderful!

Hayley recently got her lower braces on. Now comes the painful process of moving her teeth around. She complains that she can't chew very well because some of her molars don't match up anymore. I told her that will change but for now, try to cut food up into small bits.

The volume in the house has gone up to 11, now that Matt is officially a trombonist. Summertime instrument lessons started yesterday and he learned 1st position, 3rd position, and 4th position. He conned the teacher into teaching him 2nd position too so that the lack of continuity in his knowledge of positions wouldn't irritate him.

And despite my BEST efforts in scheduling--I managed to get Hayley and Matt to have lessons at the same time on the same day--I was foiled by Paul. Dang that boy. He is the student assistant for the French Horn lessons and even though he teaches on the same day as Matt and Hayley have lessons, he teaches 4 sessions and NONE OF THEM are at the same time as Hayley and Matt's. Here is my driving schedule for the next four Mondays and Wednesdays:

8:20 a.m. pick Paul up from CC practice and bring him home so he can take a quickie shower before...
8:45 a.m. take Paul to middle school for lessons
10:30 a.m. drive Matt and Hayley to middle school for lessons
11:30 a.m. return home with Matt, Hayley, and Paul
12:45 p.m. return TO middle school with Paul for second round of lessons
2:15 p.m. finally arrive back at home
2:16 p.m. swear that I will not set foot in the van again for a whole month when band lessons are over.



Jen said…
Such pretty beans. How unfortunate that they don't cook up purple as well. Your ma got some green and pink rice, and it cooked to beige. Such a disappointment.

Oh, how I feel for Hayley and her braces woes. She will be so happy though when she sees results.

Ha, Matt couldn't handle the inconsistency in his numbered playing. I like that about him.

Sorry for that awful driving schedule. I so don't look forward to those days.
Jenni said…
My condolences to you on your "summer vacation" from driving around. Ha. That sounds just icky.

The produce looks so nice and fresh. How wonderful. Eat some for me, as my beans still aren't producing.

Matt is so funny - he can't have that gap. It would keep him awake at night.

And braces, yes, we know that pain in this house. live through it and all will be better.