A different kind of party

One that I have no pictures for!

A sister-in-law had a 40th birthday and I helped my brother, the party planner, with a wee bit of party preparation and operation.

I made sure:

1. That chubby infant legs were pinched and nommed on
2. That the facial t-shirts were properly appreciated.
3. That all party attendees were standing in the yard when the honoree drove up with her face in her hands (it was a surprise party)
4. That the mosquitos were well fed on my legs
5. That the comedian's jokes were heartily laughed at (YES there was a comedian!)
6. That the comedian's attention to his biggest fan at the party (Matt) was also appreciated. The two of them were approaching Laurel and Hardy (or possibly Abbott and Costello) give-and-take ribbing, at the buffet table. Matt can give it as well as he can take it, and fortunately, so could the comedian.
6. That the fireworks were oohed and aahed at.
7. That the cake was distributed to two older people.
8. That Paul was laughed at for not knowing what a paring knife was (or maybe I should have chided myself for not teaching him what one was)
9. That niece Maya the Cat was scratched behind her ears when she meowed at me.
10. That my mother didn't have to do anything but chat with various people

Oh, and I supervised the setting out of all food prior to honoree's arrival. I can bark out orders with the averagest of them. I'm glad Dave was there to tell me that food in a chafer half-pan can be heated right on the stove if the water in the chafer isn't hot enough yet. And I'm glad for all the underlings who did my bidding--Jim, OJ, Paul, Hayley (who has managed to finally master the technical operation of a can opener), and Dave. And I'm glad Jake left a very detailed list of things to do and labeled each bowl with a slip of paper naming the bowl's future contents.

Happy 40th to Jake's wife, Stephanie (who will never read this, but nonetheless, the wish is out there). You were surprised and it was funny, and I will wear the shirt with your face on it with pride whenever I desperately need a shirt an none other is available. I still think we ought to make a t-shirt quilt with all those shirts in spite of how creepy you think it would be to have a quilt with a few dozen copies of your own face staring up at the ceiling while you sleep.


Jenni said…
I SO wish I could have been there. I'm very sad to have missed. I need to see pictures somehow.
Dennis said…
I'm sorry I didn't come but I just couldn't considering my last 24 hrs.
Jen said…
We are so sad to have missed the party. At least we did get a call in to wish Stephanie a happy birthday. Sounds like you were busy, Sara, but I'm sure you also got to enjoy yourself, too.