There is absolutely nothing of interest at all in the west wing

Or in the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Other than waiting to hear when I have to take the cat in for some medication. I was on the phone with the vet's office yesterday discussing what Servo has been doing for the last little while (peeing in things that are not his litter box) and the vet (or vet's assistant I don't know which) said that I should bring in a urine sample from the cat.


How the heck was I supposed to do that?

Fortunately the woman I was talking to had a suggestion. It involves plastic wrap and the litter box (and rubber gloves, not mentioned by the vet/assistant, but I decided that I would use them. Thank goodness I had some). It sounded like I was going to have to pull a juvenile prank on the cat.

Anyway, that's what passes for excitement around here lately.

So. What do I post when I have nothing to post about? An old picture. Feel free to compare it to this picture. But keep the mean comments regarding such comparisons to yourself. Thank you.


Jen said…
A urine sample from a cat? I thought the same as you that it would be nearly impossible (I pictured you holding one of those cups under Servo while he's peeing...LOL). Good idea from the vet lady, and it totally does sound like a prank on the cats. Now do you have to follow Servo around until he pees just to make sure you don't get Magic's urine instead. Whoops!

I hope this doesn't come off as insulting, but all you guys look so YOUNG in that picture. I know I'd say the same about myself if I saw a picture from the same year. We all still look awesome though;)
Mike said…
The first thing I noticed about the two pictures is that we are all in the same order in both pictures. I wonder if that is some sort of interpersonal social algorithm that occurs when we all interact, sort of a personality average that results in us standing in those relative positions. Maybe...
Jen, we locked Servo in the laundry room with the pranked-up litter box until he peed so we knew for sure that it was his pee. Magic was clueless to the whole thing. Frankly, I'm glad that of the two cats, it was Servo who is sick because he's infinitely more compliant than Magic.

Mike, I wondered the same thing. Really.

Just got back from the vet and Servo needs antibiotics. Again, I am grateful that if a cat had to be sick, it was Servo. Madge would have gone all Tasmanian Devil on the vet during the exam, and on me if I'd tried to give him a pill.