Wicked driving day

I need a plan for these days when I feel like I'm in the car more than I'm at home.

I'll be spending a total of 2 1/2 hours at the middle school (in three separate time chunks) and while I usually get a lot of my homework done then, I feel the need to exercise too. So for this first one hour chunk, I'm going to go walk around the old track behind the middle school.

For the second chunk, I'll do a bit of homework-related reading since it's only a half-hour chunk.

For the third chunk, I'll do some homework.

We'll see how the exercise thing goes today. It's what I miss most when I have these crazy-schedule days.

I wish I had more for you than this, but the stuff that kept me awake last night is not blogworthy (yet. As soon as it is official, then I will post about it) and the quest for a job is boring blog fodder. Not that my plan to exercise isn't, but for some reason it's easier to blog about than getting my hopes up and having them smashed on the road like a rotten pumpkin.

Speaking of which, I feel the Halloween season creeping up on me and I'm all a-tingle! Come soon, oh days of orange and black, oh days of pumpkin decorations! I've missed you!


Jenni said…
I applaud you for using your time so wisely. You have certainly mastered your craft.
Jen said…
You definitely are a better planner and time user than me. Hope you are able to get all your tasks done and even do that exercise thing.

Halloween?!? Are you crazy?!? It's about 95 degrees, and Halloween is the last thing on my mind.