One state over

The interview went well, at least from my point of view. I was a wreck all day before the interview, but once it got started, I calmed down. It was a group interview--very interesting. There were 11 of us and we had to answer questions in front of the group. One guy bugged out halfway through the 2 1/4 hour interview. We had a break and he never came back.

I really can't say how I think I did because I have no idea how professional people think. I can only say that I do not regret anything that I said or did.

And now I am relaxing in Wisconsin for a few days. We left right after the interview and arrived late last night (Don't even think about invading my home though. I left my attack cats at home and I booby-trapped all potential entrances including the sky light in the bathroom. Plus there is still one familial occupant in the house who has to work so the house is not empty).

Anyway, I am too busy eating up the delicious thighs of my little niece to blog right now so I'll talk to you later.


Jen said…
So glad you're here. We have BIG plans for you:)
Jenni said…
Two states back.