I promise that next week (or perhaps Fri or Sat) I will blog pictures. This week, though, I have too much going on to fiddle with the camera.

I did finish serging some bandanas for YW camp. Had to get those done by today because camp is Monday and we are going out of town tomorrow til Sunday.

I still have to tweak my resume tonight, and I have to make some dinners for Other Jim, who is going to be the sentinel at the house while the rest of us are away.

I picked beans too and they need dealing with. Perhaps I will just wash them and put them in the fridge and bring them with us on the trip to Mike and Jen's. I'll offer up the beans for dinner on Friday or whatever. Jen, you have been alerted to incoming beans.

Stay with me, folks, as I figure out what will be happening with my life. And hope and pray I get a job somewhere.


TaterBean said…
so...are you going to YW camp then?
TaterBean said…
you will get a job somewhere...take the crappy jobs when those ones are offered and just keep applying for better ones. :D
Jen said…
Fingers and toes crossed for you for your interview tomorrow. We'll surely take beans, but we may send you home with twice as many from our garden;) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow
Nope not going. I would, but I have to babysit. I serged the bandanas as a favor to our camp director.

Yes, I know I will get a job somewhere and maybe it'll be a crappy job first. But since Target has just rejected my application, I'm beginning to wonder. :/ But something WILL come along eventually. That I do know.
Jen, are yours just plain old green ones? Mine are yellow and purple.

But if you have beans and are going to fob some off on me, I might freeze these ones.
Jenni said…
First of all, reading Katie give you job hunting advice is really entertaining. Second, good luck tomorrow. And C, get a good night's sleep tonight (ha ha ha - I'm so funny!).
Jen said…
We'd love to see and try some purple/yellow beans, so bring them along if you've got room or time to deal with them. The beans we have are "Italian" beans meaning they were imported from Italy from an Italian grandfather to a friend of Mike's (did that make any sense). Our beans almost look like pea pods as they are flat, but they are skinnier than that and taste like green beans. And I think they are actually "Italian green beans": http://www.reimerseeds.com/roma-ii-bush-beans.aspx

See you soon!
TaterBean said…
how do you know target rejected your application? ...they rejected me before, but i just figured they did since i never heard from them.
I got a one-line email telling me that they can't offer me a position.