Leftover pictures from last week

From Paul's birthday:
It's Sinister Paul with an evil grin (Sinister Paul is the nemesis of SuperPaul). Jenni, notice the birthday plate is still in use here at the shoebox castle.

A card game broke out. It's called "Magic: the Gathering." It's called that because of the magic it took to gather these four together as a group of NON-FIGHTING, NON-SQUABBLING, NON-IRRITATING-EACH-OTHER teenager siblings (except Matt who is still not quite a teenager). They played so nicely for over an hour that I chose not to disturb them except by taking this one picture.

I like pretty skies at dusk:
The end of either the sky or the clouds. I can't tell which.

And a ghost couple waltzing to a background of eerie magenta.
There. That brings me up to date with pictures.


Jen said…
Oh yay, it looks like Paul did get to have some of cake with candles, too. Even if his grin is sinister, at least he's smiling. So it will eventually happen that my kids will play nicely together without constant bickering, whining, tattling? I still don't believe it.

Love your dusky pictures. That one with the ghosty cloud is quite eery. I like your version better than what my crazy mind would come up with.