Shoe-related post

The computer has been acting up and not granting us access to the internet/world wide web (can anyone tell me what the difference is?). Two Saturdays ago, we had a service tech visit to diagnose the problem. He did, but he didn't quite know what he did. He fiddled and tapped and queried and messed around outside of Windows (on the little black screen with the old-looking font).

Last Saturday, the internet was unreachable again. Jim stayed home from the offer of a full-spread breakfast at my mom's to fiddle with the computer. He was on the phone with our service provider, and somehow got it fixed. He wasn't quite sure what the solution was, except that it involved typing in a bunch of numbers.

Today, the computer fussed at me again as I tried to get on the web to post some pictures of beans. In desperation, I unplugged the modem from its power source...

...and found my sandals that have been lost for a month, pushed way back in the lower cubby of the desk. I have turned the house inside out looking for those sandals.

Maybe the computer was trying to help me by not helping me. Thank you, computer!

PS. Unplugging the modem and plugging it back in worked.


Jen said…
I'm convinced that one of the meanings of life is the internet, so I whole-heartedly feel an ache in my soul for you. I hope you can get the internet woes figured out for good.

P.S. Why are you plagued with repairmen who have no idea what they are doing? Are you on the repairman's training route or something?