Is it time to go crazy now?

Make sure Paul got home from CC practice
Take three children to the dentist
Receive Fake Child
Get 2nd urine sample from cat
Realize that the antibiotics have not been working on Servo
Take sample to vet
Call ortho because a metal band fell off Hayley's tooth
Take Hayley to ortho
Entertain Fake Child until her father came to get her
Take Paul out for his birthday dinner
Go visiting teaching

Make three trips to middle school
Babysit Fake Child
Three long phone calls with family members
Pick Matt up from a friend's house
Church activity tonight
Worry about Servo

If I can make it through until Friday, I have a more restful weekend (hopefully) ahead. Then a trip to Wisconsin next week.


Jen said…
Holy wow, that's quite a day for you. I hope you survived and that everyone else resolved all their issues including Servo and his wee-wee problem.
Jenni said…
Poor kitty. Poor Sara. Hide from the car and just say no, I can't. Yeah right.
Mike said…
Wow, I should have called you and made it four long conversations