How does one explain on job applications that motherhood is work experience?

I have learned to multi-task: I can process five different requests (verbally marked URGENT by shouting) at once.

I can function in crisis situations: I have not melted down when various children were hit by cars, I drove my own self to urgent care when I needed stitches, I gave birth (UNMEDICATED!!) to five children. I'd like to see CEOs do that.

I can deal with the public: I've had to go to countless parent/teacher conferences, I've volunteered at church/school/community activities, and I know how to be polite (thank you mother!)

I am not stupid, but just because I haven't been in the "work" force for the last 16 years, my "work" experience is nil.


Jen said…
Wait a second, you can put down the you ran your own business for the past 7+ years...ahem...a home daycare. They don't need details just that you HAVE been employed. The best part, you can yourself as a reference and give a rave review;)
Dennis said…
Attach a supplemental page to your application outlining just what you said in your blog.
Jenni said…
I know, went through the same thing. You feel unqualified to work for someone; however, no one interviewed you and found you worthy to raise 5 kids to be let loose on society AND YET YOU DID IT SUCCESSFULLY!!! Not too many gainfully employed people can attest to that, and I could give you specifics!!
Mike said…
Dont let 'The Man' get you down