Little visitor

I have a little friend over to play today. His name is Austin and he's such a sweet little baby. His big brother, Owen, is in the hospital for a little while and since his parents (my brother and sister-in-law) need to be with Owen, Austin gets to spend the day with me. There are lots of other people who are helping out, but today is my day with the little squirt and I'm enjoying kissing this baby's fat cheeks and nomming on his fat thighs.

Dave was right when he told me that if you sorta tickle his chin, he laughs.

I've already endured changing a blowout--blowouts on infants his age, which is nearly two months, are not very bad at all--and he's eaten quite well. He's napped for nearly two hours too. I'm going to settle him into the stroller and take him and Fake Child (who is also here) for a walk. More pictures later.

Get better, Owen!

PS the cat is back from a bladder scan. Special food and antibiotics for Servo. Servo was happy to be back home after about 5 hours at the vet.


Jenni said…
Lucky you!! He is adorable. Hug him twice for me!
Jen said…
Aww, he's already changed so much and looks like a sweet baby. Why can't my baby be that age anymore:( I hope Owie starts feeilng better soon that he can spend time with his little brother again.

And poor Servo, 5 hours at the vet. I'll bet he was thrilled.