Another circular argument

Last night I was on the phone with Katie. She kept bugging me to take a picture of Evelyn (remember Hayley's tooth?). Just thinking about exposed unerupted teeth and pulling gums back like banana peels made my flesh crawl (and my gums cringe and hug tighter to their neighboring teeth).

K: I wanna see the tooth!

Me: Too bad. I can't take the picture.

K: C'mon!

Me: No. You'd be grossed out and then you'd say, "I shouldn't have looked at that!"

K: But I have to SEE it to be able to SAY "I shouldn't have looked at that!"

Me: Why even look? You don't want to see it.

K: That's why I want to see it.

Where did these kids get their flawed logical processes? I can't even argue with them because they fight illogically. You can't get up a good rhetorical defense if you're trying to use sense and the other team is using little colored marshmallows. (I have no idea what my metaphor is trying to do, but then I wonder that about my kids, so LOGICALLY, the metaphor fits)

PS According to Hayley, Evelyn is doing fine.


Jenni said…
Why? Because. Because why?

Glad Evelyn is doing well. And Hayley.
TaterBean said…

I still want to see Evelyn! Quick before it gets better and I can't ever see it!
Jen said…
All I can say is, why have you named Hayley's tooth Evelyn?
Because it's tooth #11. Say it. Eleven--Evelyn.